Sea Level 2022 Preparation Meeting on Nov. 30

A preparation teleconference for the 2022 Sea Level Conference was organized on 30th November 2021, with the participation of the WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenge (GC) co-chairs and members, local organizers and staff from WCRP Secretariat and ICPO. The main issues covered by the telecon were: COVID-19 regulations updates, poster session arrangement, abstract submission system, sponsorships, and etc. The major outcomes of the telecon include:

  1. With the evolution of the COVID-19 in some part of the world, some countries have to close their border again. General safe management regulations in Singapore remain unchanged, i.e. 100 PAX per zone; plenary sessions, poster sessions and coffee break cannot be arranged synchronized. The local organizer will monitor the status closely and keep the group updated.
  2. Options for poster display may include: 1) in plenary rooms; 2) in foyer area; 3) in a separate room. The pros and cons for each option was discussed again and the option 3 is in favor of the group members. The local organizer will further explore the cost and specific arrangement for option 3 with the event organizer.
  3. Speakers to be recommended by APN are currently pending. Hindumathi will follow-up on this and a decision needs to be made by the end of week.
  4. Jose shared the experience of previous CLIVAR conferences in which the abstracts submission system and registration system can be separated. However, this may not be applicable if a fee will be charged for the abstract submission. Meanwhile, the registration system information of other CLIVAR events have been shared by Jing to the group, which can be referred to develop the registration portal for the SL 2022 conference. It was agreed to release the call for abstracts ASAP, must be before the Christmas.    
  5. A sheet of sponsorship will be circulated among the group. It was recommended to centralized the funding received for travels. Options are being explored.
  6. The conference website still needs to be filled with 1) information on keynote speakers and titles of presentations; 2) full list and logos of sponsors; 3) FAQs.
  7. The next meeting will be organized on 15 December 2021.