Endorsed Projects and Activities

CLIVAR is a very wide-ranging research project. It comprises research activities that are funded mostly from national sources. The Initial Implementation Plan established a set of Principal Research Areas (PRAs) and overarching themes to guide CLIVAR activities but recognised that CLIVAR would evolve. CLIVAR has established a number of panels and Working Groups (WGs) that oversee and attempt to promote CLIVAR research in these PRA and overarching theme areas.

CLIVAR’s Panels and WGs have generated a range of activities which receive formal endorsement through the normal course of CLIVAR business.  Information on these can be found on the individual Panel and WG pages.  From time to time, however, the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG) is asked to endorse research (and other activities such as conferences and workshops) and to consider including new research foci in its portfolio which have grown up externally from its Panels and WGs as independent national or international efforts. The objectives of these requests are varied but include:

  • Helping a project/activity to obtain national recognition and funding;
  • Establishing a formal mechanism to enable the representatives of a project/activity to engage discussions with a CLIVAR panel or WG, or the ICPO to assist co-ordination; and
  • Broadening CLIVAR's scientific remit into include a new emerging research area.

If you would like to submit a request to the SSG for CLIVAR endorsement, please follow the instructions provided here.


A list of CLIVAR endorsed projects and activities can be viewed via the following links:


CLIVAR Endorsed Projects

CLIVAR Endorsed Activities

Endorsement Criteria and Process