Document Image Title Description Date Published
Exchanges 82

Special Issue: Tropical Atlantic Ocean Observing System (TAOS)

DOI: 10.36071/clivar.82.2022

December 2022
Exchanges 81

CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue: Advances in Climate Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence

doi: 10.36071/clivar.81.2021

November 2021
Exchanges 80

CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue: WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins

doi: 10.36071/clivar.80.2021

July 2021
Exchanges 79

Special Issue: India's Monsoon Mission


November 2020
Exchanges 78

Special Issue: The Recent Decadal Review (2020-2030) of the Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS-2) and its Outcomes

February 2020
Exchanges 77

CLIVAR Exchanges/US CLIVAR Variations : A joint special edition on Sources and Sinks of Ocean Mesoscale Eddy Energy

February 2020
Exchanges 76

Special Issue: CLIVAR-FIO Summer Course on "Past, Present and Future Sea Level Changes"

January 2019
Exchanges 75

Special Issue: The Contribution of China to Ocean Research

November 2018
Exchanges 74

CLIVAR Exchanges / US CLIVAR Variations: A joint special issue on Sea Level Rise

March 2018
Exchanges 73

Special Issue on climate over the Iberian Peninsula: an overview of CLIVAR-Spain coordinated science

October 2017
CLIVAR Exchanges No.72

CLIVAR Exchanges/PAGES Magazine joint issue on Decadal Climate Variability

July 2017
Exchanges 71

Special Issue: CLIVAR Open Science Conference Award Winners

March 2017
Exchanges 70

Special Issue: CLIVAR 20 Years of Progress

September 2016
Exchanges 69

Special Issue: the Kuroshio Current and Extension System

July 2016
Exchanges 68

 CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue Celebrating 50 Years of Indian Ocean Research

November 2015
Exchanges 67

Special Issue on Ocean Observations

October 2015
Exchanges 66

Special Issue on Monsoons: Advancing understanding of monsoon variability and improving prediction 

March 2015
Exchanges 65

Special Issue: High Resolution Ocean Climate Modelling

July 2014
Exchanges 64

Special Issue: Ongoing Efforts on Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison

February 2014
Exchanges 63

Joint Edition of the Newsletter of the Climate
and Oceans: Variability, Predictability and
Change Project (CLIVAR) Exchanges and the
CLIVAR Variability of the American Monsoon
Systems Panel (VAMOS)

December 2013