9th Session of the Pacific Panel

Monday, July 14, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event City: 
The Hague
The Netherlands
Event Contact: 
Nico Caltabiano
Event Description: 

9th Pacific Panel meeting

July 14-15, 2014

 The Hague, Netherlands


Agenda and Presentations


Day 1 – Monday 14th July 2014

Joint PP-IOP session

8:30hr – Welcome, Introduction, and charge to meetings

9:00hr – ENSO-IOD relations in CMIP 5 (Jérôme Vialard)

9:30hr – Climate model assessment (Wenju Cai)

10:00hr – Indo-Pacific decadal climate variability (Weiqing Han)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – ITF Task Team activities (Janet Sprintall)

11:30hr – Year of Maritime Continent (YMC) (Kunio Yoneyama)

12:00hr – Discussion on joint activities

12:30hr – Lunch


Joint PP-GSOP session

13:30hr - CLIVAR ENSO Research Focus (Eric Guilyardi)

14:00hr – The Universality of Combination Modes (Axel Timmermann)

14.30hr – ENSO and GW:  coordinated experiment for CMIP6 on ENSO teleconnections (Mat Collins)

15.00hr – Coffee Break

15:30hr - TPOS (Billy, Ken, Tony Lee, Magdalena Balmaseda, Masa Kamachi)

16:00hr - Current status of the Pacific and ENSO forecasts; Rapid international response strategies to climate events (Mike McPhaden, Axel Timmermann)

16:30hr - GODAE OceanView (intercomparison and observing system assessment and design) (Keith Haines, Magdalena Balmaseda, Tony Lee)

17:00hr - The role of the Pacific in the hiatus: open discussion (Wenju Cai, Matt Collins, Magdalena Balmaseda)

17.30hr – End of day


Day 2 – Tuesday 15th July 2014


8:30hr – Panel Strategy (Wenju Cai, Alex Ganachaud)

9:00hr - Review of the Tropical Pacific observing system (Billy Kessler)

9.20hr - East Pacific plans (Carmen Morales/Wolfgang Schneider)

9.50hr - NPOCE and WBCs (Xiaopei Lin)

10.10hr - SPICE (Alex Ganachaud)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr - POSEIDON/GAIA/TIPEX (Sang-Wook Yeh)

11:20hr – SPCZ (Mat Lengaigne)

12:00hr – Discussion/ Pan-CLIVAR preparation: Pacific observing system requirements (Alex Ganachaud and Billy Kessler to lead)

12:30hr – Lunch

13:30hr - How the SP waters get into the NPAC and gets into the ITF? (Janet Sprintall, Billy Kessler)

13:50hr - ENSO in GW: the system would be more sensitive to temperature changes (Eric Guilyardi, Mat Collins)

14:10hr -  ENSO teleconnections and how it might change with GW (Sang-Wook Yeh)

14:30hr - WBCs changes with global warming and climate (Wenju Cai, Alex Ganachaud)

14:50hr – Panel strategy: recommendations to SSG / Pan CLIVAR meeting

15.00hr – Coffee Break (End of meeting)