The CLIVAR Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability (DCVP) Working Group will assist the SSG in preparing the new CLIVAR Science Plan on the subject of DCVP, which articulates short and long-term motivation and objectives, including a prioritized list of executable national and international research activities towards promoting scientific understanding and applications on the subject of decadal variability and predictability. In particular the DCVP WG will monitor, coordinate and report to the CLIVAR SSG on the progress toward achieving the goals of the DCVP RF identified in the Pan-CLIVAR meeting of July 2014. This will include the following responsibilities and deliverables:

A) Written material on DCVP that includes motivation, list of science questions, research priorities and broader impact to become part of CLIVAR science plan (4-6 pages).

B) Monitor, advocate, and assist in development of activities in support of the CLIVAR DCVP RF across and between CLIVAR Panels and between CLIVAR and other WCRP Core Projects. In particular, the DCVP WG will liaise with the WGCM-WGSIP/DCPP on designing experiments under component C of that Project that will address the DCVP RF

C) Plan and organize workshops and conference sessions that encourage international communication and discussions on the DCVP science.

D) Maintain a summary of global and regional DCVP activities and national funding opportunities, and communicate these to the broader community via email and web pages.

E) Publish summary reports and review papers.

The DCVP WG will communicate by various means that will include e-mail, tele-conference, and workshops/conference opportunities.