16th Session of the VAMOS panel (VPM16)

Monday, September 9, 2013 to Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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Lima, Peru


Monday, 9 September, 2013 - Tuesday, 10 September, 2013



VPM16 Agenda

Venue and logistic information


Background documents

Specific objectives and key agenda ítems:

(1)  Review WCRP’s new structure and its effects on VAMOS; VAMOS transition activities

(2)  Review status of ongoing VAMOS:

- Review the progress on VOCALS and IASCLIP projects and other cross-cut components, as Extremes, ACC, and assess the research in decadal prediction being carried within VAMOS activities.

- Review of LAC Conference and VAMOS/CORDEX Workshops

(3)  Assess the interaction of VAMOS with other CLIVAR/WCRP panels and WGs

(4)  Identify emerging research needs in American Monsoon Research


Anticipated outcomes (deliverables):

  • An assessment of the progress of the ongoing VAMOS projects and cross-cutting working groups
  • A list of emerging priorities in American Monsoon research and applications
  • A proposed a transition path for the current VAMOS activities to the new WCRP structure, in particular, the LA&C working group and the global monsoons working goup


Last update: August 22, 2014


Monday 9 Sept. 2013

9:00 to 12:30

Welcoming remarks, and statement of meeting goals

Dave Gochis, Hugo Berbery, Ken Takahashi


Update and discussion on VAMOS Activities, including the final VAMOS! Newsletter

Hugo Berbery, Dave Gochis, Carlos Ereño


Update on IASCLiP Activities

Dave Gochis, Art Douglas





Update on VOCALS Research

Robert Wood


Atlantic basin activities

Paquita Zuidema




13:30 – 17:30

Review of findings from CORDEX Workshop and update on the upcoming workshop

Michael Taylor-Ray Arrit


Climate impacts/Societal Applications Research in S. America

Marcelo Barreiro, Maisa Rojas


Climate impacts/Societal Applications Research in C. America/Caribbean and N. America

Michael Taylor, W. Baethgen


Reassessment of cross cuts

discussion, Dave Gochis lead





WCRP LAC conference update

Marcelo Barreiro


GEWEX Activities and VAMOS Linkages

Hugo Berbery


The Future of CLIVAR and its Monsoon Panels

discussion, lead by Dave Gochis,Hugo Berbery and Carlos Ereno

Tuesday 10 Sept. 2013



Prioritize list of emerging research needs in American Monsoon Research

discussion, Dave Gochis  and Hugo Berbery  lead





Discussion on VAMOS Transition Activities

discussion, Hugo Berbery and Dave Gochis lead


Meeting Adjourns






VAMOS Panel Executive Session



End of VPM-16


Venue and logistic information

The meeting will take place at the Instituto Geofisico del Peru, Lima, Peru. 

Lodging and other logistic information can be found at the IGB - VAMOS/CORDEX web site


Hugo Berbery (co-chair)

Dave Gochis (co-chair)

Marcelo Barreiro

Iracema Cavalcanti

Maisa Rojas

Michael Taylor

Robert Wood

Paquita Zuidema

Carlos Ereno

Ken Takahashi

Background documents

CLIVAR SSG-20 Report