12th Annual Meeting of the Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP12)

Thursday, September 13, 2012 to Friday, September 14, 2012
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Nanjing, China


Thursday, 13 September, 2012 - Friday, 14 September, 2012



Venue: The panel meeting will be held at the Nanjing Suning Venice Hotel

AAMP12 Agenda
Background documents
International workshop on interdecadal variability of the global monsoons



Final AAMP12 agenda in  format


Thursday, September 13, 2012


-       Chair's introduction and meeting goals (Hendon and Sperber)

-       CLIVAR SSG-19 report (Sperber)

-       Review CLIVAR SSG-19 action items (Hendon and Ereno)

-       Assess the results of the Interdecadal Variability Workshop, discussion on proposed actions (Turner)

-       From Physical Processes to Sustainability Science: Progresses of Monsoon AsiaIntegrated Regional Study (MAIRS) (Ailikun)

-       IMBER presentation (Liuming Hu)

-       GEWEX activities related to AAMP, AMY and MAHASRI 1st Pan-GASS Conference (Jun Matsumoto presented by Bin Wang)

-       CMIP5 coordinated analysis (Sperber)

-       CMIP5 analysis-Monsoons in a changing world (Kitoh)

-       CMIP5 projects at the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (Moise)

-       JSC/SSG inputs and CLIVAR VAMOS/VACS and WCRP regional activities in Latin America and Africa (C. Ereno)

-       Open session: on the future of WCRP and CLIVAR and the goal of a WCRP monsoon panel (Ken and Carlos lead based on discussions at SSG & JSC meetings).


Friday, September 14, 2012


-       ISO Hindcast Experiment (Bin Wang)

-       Update on MJO TF activity (Sperber)

-       WWRP-WCRP subseasonal prediction project (S2S) (Vitart presented by Hendon)

-       CINDY/DYNAMO (Chidong Zhang& Kunio Yoneyama, presented by Sperber)

-       CLIVAR/IOC-GOSS Indian Ocean Panel report (Weidong Yu)

-       CLIVAR Pacific Implementation Panel report (Wenju Cai, presented by Matt Lengaigne)

-       CORDEX summary (A. Kitoh)

-       Issues/opportunities for collaboration between the WWRP monsoon panel and the AAMP/planning and participation in the next International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM) in 2013 (Hendon)

-       Possibility of running a seasonal prediction verification short-course at the IWM (requested input from CP Chang and K. Takano presented by Hendon)


AAMP executive session


-       Review of the AAMP contribution to grand challenges and imperatives of CLIVAR [and its stakeholders, as well as] the overall WCRP future plan and priorities, development of a white paper on set up of the Pan-WCRP Monsoon Panel (Sperber, Hendon, Ereno)

-       Capacity building and information transfer activities (Sperber, Hendon, Ereno).


-       AAMP business (Sperber, Hendon)

·         Membership

·         Next meeting

AAMP12 ends




Harry Hendon AAMP co-chair
Ken Sperber AAMP co-chair
Akio Kitoh
Matthieu Lengaigne
Andrew Turner
Bin Wang
Tianjun Zhou
Liuming Hu
Aurel Moise
Weidong Yu
Carlos Ereno 


Background documents

JSC Extraordinary Report 2011
SSG19 Actions Items
Clivar Grand Challenges - Monsoons
Clivar Report JSC33
JSC33 Report Final
GEWEX Grand Science Questions