Tenth Annual Meeting of the WCRP/CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP10)

Friday, June 18, 2010 to Saturday, June 19, 2010
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Busan, Korea


Friday, 18 June, 2010 - Saturday, 19 June, 2010




Tenth Annual Meeting of the

Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP10)

Busan, Korea, 18-19 June 2010




Poster session during the Monsoon Workshop-AAMP10 meeting


Location: Asian Pacific Climate Center (APCC), Busan Korea


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Friday, June 18, 2010 - Morning Session
  Joint Session of the CLIVAR AAMP and the YOTC MJOTF  
09.00 Chair's introduction Hendon & Sperber, Waliser & Wheeler
  Intraseasonal Hindcast and Prediction  
09.10 Hindcast Experiment for Intraseasonal Prediction Bin Wang and June-Yi Lee
  • Intraseasonal Hindcast and Prediction
• Dissemination of model data
• Preliminary analysis
• Coordinated analysis
09.40 Hindcast Experiment for Intraseasonal Prediction  
  • Modelling group presentations  
  • o
E. Jin
A. Alessandri
10.10 YOTC Update and Data M. Moncrieff
  • Available products (NWP Analysis and Satellite data)
• Preliminary results
10.40 Coffee/Tea Break  
11.00 YOTC Case Study Modelling  
  • NICAM T. Nasuno
11.30 MJO in Tropical Channel Models C. Zhang and Ray
  • Ray et al. (2009) and Ray and Zhang (2010)  
12.00 Observational Campaigns  
  CINDY2011 (Cooperative Indian Ocean experiment on ISV in the Year 2011) /DYNAMO Status and Modelling Plan
C. Zhang

A. Matthews

12.30 Lunch (End of the Joint Session)  
Friday, June 18, 2010 - Afternoon Session
  CLIVAR AAMP 10th Session  
14.00 Chair's introduction H. Hendon & K. Sperber
14.10 CLIVAR/WCRP Report C. Ereno

Collaboration with other panels and proposed new activities

14.30 Regional Climate Modelling R. Leung; presented by K. Sperber
  • Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX)
• Process studies vs. climate change projections (downscaling)
14.50 Land Surface Monsoon Interactions X. Zeng
  • Importance for ISV, especially boreal summer northward propagation
• Role in seasonal prediction
• Experimentation
  • o Possible AR5 project
    o Collaboration with WGSIP/GLACE
15.10 Monsoon Diagnostics Wang, Sperber, Hendon, Zhou, Kitoh
  • Propose a list of Asian-Australian monsoon diagnostics for validating/evaluating monsoon variability from diurnal to interdecadal time scales
• Should AAMP propose an effort to develop these diagnostics into a user package, and apply them to CMIP5 as part of a coordinated analysis?
  • o Analyze control, 20th century, and climate change simulations?
15.30 Coffee/Tea Break  
15.50 Monsoon Activities in China T. Zhou
  • Modelling and Observations
• Suggested interactions with AAMP
16.10 AMY: Asian Monsoon Years J. Matsumoto
  • Current status and outcome of Kun Ming China Workshop (December 2009)
• AAMP/AMY Joint Activities
  • o Workshop in February-March 2011
16.30 CLIVAR Indian Ocean Panel Update G. Vecchi
16.50 CLIVAR Pacific Ocean Panel Update B. Qiu from slides
17.10 Northwestern Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (NPOCE) Jong-Seong Kug
  KORDI/GAIA: Modeling component  
17.30 Break for the day  
Saturday, June 19, 2010 - Morning Session
  Direction for monsoon research  
09.00 Regional Climate Outlook Fora Dr. K. Takano
09.20 ITF working group proposal H. Hendon
09.35 Monsoon Research in Korea I.-S. Kang
09.50 AAMP Modeling at JMA/MRI A. Kitoh
10.05 AAMP Aplication & Capacity Building H. Meinke
10.20 Monsoon Prediction Research in India M. Rajeevan
10.35 Coffee/Tea Break  
10.55 UK activities on Asian_Australian Monsoon A. Turner
11.10 High Resolution Model Development at GFDL G. Vecchi
11.25 Diagnostic Metrics B. Wang
11.40 Direction for Monsoon Research X. Zeng
11.55 Asian Metrics A. Kitoh
12.10 Monsoon Workshop 2011 as proposed by B. Hoskins
  • Suggest topics  
12.25 Improved Coordination of Monsoon Research  
12.45 Lunch  
  AAMP Business  
14.00 AAMP Business H. Hendon & K. Sperber
  • Membership • Next meeting (in conjunction with Monsoon Workshop 2011?)  
14.45 Actions items/ new directions for AAMP Carlos, Hendon & K. Sperber
15.15 AAMP10 ends  


Attendees: Joint Session of the CLIVAR AAMP – YOTC MJOTF and AAMP10

Andrea Alessandri
Jean-Philippe Duvel
Hirokazu Endo
Carlos Ereno
Xiouhua Fu
Jon Gottschalck
Harry Hendon – AAMP co-chair
Emilia K. Jin
In-Sik Kang
Daehyun Kim
Akio Kitoh
Jong-Scong Kug
June-Yi Lee
Mijung Lim
Hai Lin
Eric Maloney
Jun Matsumoto
Adrian Matthews
Holger Meinke
Mitch Moncrieff
Tomoe Nasuno
Kazuyoshi Oouchi
Madhavan Nair Rajeevan
Pallav K Ray
David Raymond
Ann Shelly
J Shukla
Ken Sperber – AAMP co-chair
Kiyoharu Takano
Andrew Turner
Gabe Vecchi
Frederic Vitart
Duane Waliser – YOTC MJOTF co-chair
Bin Wang
Matthew Wheeler – YOTC MJOTF co-chair
Xubin Zeng
Chidong Zhang
Tianjun Zhou

Background documents:
  • AAMP SSG-17 report in format
  • Diagnostics and Metrics for the AAMP region