WCRP Publication

In order to better publicise papers produced by the WCRP community, papers that use WCRP data or that acknowledge WCRP in any way WCRP has created an email alias:wcrp_papers@wcrp-climate.org. All authors, panel and RF members are invited to send details of relevant articles to this address. 

WCRP also urges that authors should include appropriate text in any articles to acknowledge the contribution of WCRP and CLIVAR to your work (some examples below)
Example 1: We acknowledge the [Name of the specific project/group] in making the [concerned data, simulations, etc.] available for the work described in this article. These activities have been undertaken under the guidance and sponsorship of the World Climate Research Programme.
Example 2: We acknowledge the scientific guidance (and sponsorship) of the World Climate Research Programme in motivating this work, coordinated in the framework of [Name of the specific project/activity of WCRP], and undertaken by [implementing institution/persons].