TBI RF and Co-Ex WG telecons organized in May

The CLIVAR Research Foci on Tropical Basins Interaction (TBI RF) organized its regular telecon on 12 May 2023, with the reports from four working groups, and the discussion on the activities in 2023 and onward. The major uptakes from the meeting are:

  • After a session at the Melbourne workshop in February, the Coordinated Experiment (Co-Ex) WG made progress in converging on an experiment design. A paper on the experiment design has to be posted on a preprint server before data can be published on the ESGF. Output from the TBI coordinated experiments will most likely be included in CMIP6+ (CMIP7 could be too late);
  • The TBI related conceptual models will be made available by WG2 through an online repository.
  • Recommendations for an observing system for TBI are being consolidated by WG3, by synthesizing the outcomes from three basin review report. The importance of satellite data should be highlighted.
  • WG4 collaborated with NCAR scientists to create a paleoclimate data section in the Climate Data Guide (https://climatedataguide.ucar.edu/).
  • A session proposal has been submitted to the 2024 OSM. The first results from the Co-Ex are expected to be highlighted in the session.
  • The summer school and workshop on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modeling of Climate Dynamics: Atlantic Variability and Tropical Basin Interactions at Interannual to Multi-Decadal Time Scales are being prepared.
  • A few review papers are being planned as key deliverables to the RF.

Meanwhile, the TBI Coordinated Experiment WG organized a telecon on 18 May 2023, to further discuss the experiment design as well as the outlines for the description paper.  Specifically for the experiment design, the reference period and heat flux imbalance impact, restoring time scale, basin masks and the approaches for hindcast initialization were discussed. And for the description paper, the possible journal and data accessibility issue, the potential synergy with DCPP experiments, the possible timeline for the first results as well as the results integration into CMIP were generally discussed. There will be further discussion on the Co-Ex either during the upcoming summer school or the TBI session at 2024 OSM.