Sea Level 2022 Preparation Meeting on Nov. 17

A preparation teleconference for the 2022 Sea Level Conference was organized on 17th November 2021, with the participation of the WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenge (GC) co-chairs and members, local organizers and staff from WCRP Secretariat and ICPO. The main issues covered by the telecon were: status of invited speakers and gaps; updates on the conference website; the updated cost with quotation on poster rooms and setup; the abstract submission and registration system; field trips; carbon footprint offset; sponsorships; etc. The major outcomes of the telecon include:

  • Chair for Day 3 and speakers for the ‘Southeast Asian Perspective’ timeslot on Day 1 still need inputs. Hindumathi has asked APN to nominate speakers from Southeast Asian countries;
  • The conference website has been updated with conference schedule, speakers, rate of registration fee, etc. An email has been sent to all who have registered their interest to the conference;
  • The call for abstract needs to be released ASAP. However, before sending the announcement, a vendor needs to identified and approved and a template with all required information for abstract submission and registration is expected to be prepared at the same time of finding the vendor, in order to save the time;
  • The new cost table was presented by Kwan by including the cost for poster rooms and services. Some other options might be sought for a cost-saving purpose, such as to ask the participants to bring their own posters and hang them on by themselves; or to hang on the posters on the walls of the plenary rooms, etc.
  • 3 field trips options are being explored, with 20-30 participants to be accommodated by each option. A minimum fee might be charged for participating the field trips;
  • More sponsorship opportunities need to be explored ASAP. A list of potential sponsors and the liaison person from the organizing committee will be prepared. Some possible options could be APN, ADB, AIA, the Dutch government and etc.
  • Carbon footprint offset options will be further explored with the meeting venue hotel who could provide such service.
  • The daily fee for online participation to the Practitioners’ Day (Day 3) might have to be reduces, in order to boost more participants to attend.
  • The next telecon will be organized on November 30.