CLIVAR-related sessions at EGU2022

The EGU General Assembly 2022 is going to be held in Vienna, Austria on 23-27 May, and the on-site registration is open until 14 April 2022. In preparation for the meeting, we have compiled a list of sessions that are relevant to the community and convened by CLIVAR Panels, Research Foci and community members. The list of sessions is not intended to be exhaustive but to help digest the collection of the hundreds of sessions and events. If you would like to have your session(s) included in the list, please email to To know more information about the meeting, please visit:


Sessions convened by the CLIVAR community:

Ocean Model Development Panel

The ocean surface mixed layer: multi-scale dynamics and ecosystems in a changing climate

Convener: Anne Marie Tréguier

Co-conveners: Baylor Fox-Kemper, Francois Massonnet, Raquel Sommavilla

Surface Waves and Wave-Coupled Effects in Lower Atmosphere and Upper Ocean

Convener: Alexander Babanin

Co-conveners: Fangli Qiao, Miguel Onorato, Francisco J. Ocampo-Torres

Numerical modelling of the ocean: new scientific advances in ocean models to foster exchanges within NEMO community and contribute to future developments

Convener: Doroteaciro Iovino

Co-convener: Claire Levy


Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (GSOP)

Data assimilation techniques and applications in coastal and open seas

Convener: Marco Bajo

Co-conveners: Philip Browne, Matthew Martin, Andrea Storto, Jiping Xie


CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel

Monsoon systems in a changing climate: past, present and future

Convener: Andrew Turner

Co-conveners: Jianping Li, Roberta D AgostinoECS, Kyung-Ja Ha


CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel

The Indian Ocean and its role in climate variability and predictability

Convener: Muhammad Adnan Abid

Co-conveners: Chunzai Wang, Roxy Mathew Koll, Cheng Sun, Stephanie A. Henderson


CLIVAR /CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel

Changes in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice and subarctic seas systems: Observations, Models and Perspectives

Convener: Yevgeny Aksenov

Co-conveners: Céline Heuzé, Paul A. Dodd, Benjamin Rabe, Krissy Reeve


CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel

Under cover: The Southern Ocean’s connection to sea ice and ice shelves

Convener: Torge Martin

Co-conveners: Xylar Asay-Davis, Alice BarthelECS, Ralph Timmermann


Tropical Basins Interaction Research Focus

Tropical Atlantic climate: Ocean processes, air-sea interactions, remote impacts, and climate change

Convener: Marta Martín-Rey

Co-conveners: Peter Brandt, Noel Keenlyside, Belen Rodríguez de Fonseca

ENSO and Tropical Basins Interactions: Dynamics, Predictability and Modelling

Convener: Dietmar Dommenget

Co-conveners: Sarah Ineson, Nicola Maher, Yann Planton


WCRP Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts

Understanding sea level changes: global to local, from past to future

Convener: Svetlana Jevrejeva

Co-conveners: Mélanie Becker, Tim Hermans, Marta Marcos

Ice-sheet and climate interactions

Convener: Heiko Goelzer

Co-conveners: Emily Hill, Alexander Robinson, Ricarda Winkelmann, Philippe Huybrechts


Sessions related to CLIVAR activities:

Improved Understanding of Ocean Variability and Climate

Understanding the Indian Ocean’s past, present and future

Current and future variability and trends in the Antarctic Climate System

Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Prediction: Processes and Impacts