CLIVAR-OOPC Joint Discussion in March 2023

In following up to the discussion between CLIVAR and OOPC in October 2022 at OOPC-25, a joint discussion between the two groups was organized online on 9th March 2023. The purpose of the discussion was to resume and strengthen the formal links between WCRP/CLIVAR and OOPC, and to identify some specific ideas that can be worked together. Sabrina Speich, Weidong Yu and Belen Martin Miguez from OOPC; Sonya Legg (SSG), Regina Rodrigues (ARP/MHW RF), Juliet Hermes (IORP), Janet Sprintall (IORP), Nathalie zilberman (GSOP), Peter Oke (GSOP), Antonietta Capotondi (MHW RF), Ingo Richter (TBI RF), Yuko Okumura (TBI RF), and Leila Carvalho (MP) from CLIVAR Community, Hindumathi Palanisamy from WCRP Secretariat, and Jose Santos and Jing Li from ICPO attended the discussion. The discussions mainly covered the following topics: updates on GCOS-WCRP initiative on cycles and budgets; marine heatwave; pan-tropical observations; connection to the UN Ocean Decade programmes implemented by GOOS; the involvement of GSOP and other issues. A draft mind map for the potential cooperation between CLIVAR and OOPC has been developed.