The CLIVAR-GOOS-ICTP Workshop Is Endorsed as An Ocean Decade Activity

The CLIVAR-GOOS-ICTP Workshop: “From global to coastal: Cultivating new solutions and partnerships for an enhanced Ocean Observing System in a decade of accelerating change” has been recently endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade as a Decade Activity (Ocean Decade Website | Global Stakeholder Forum). This workshop, which is going to be organized at ICTP, Trieste, Italy and online on 15-17 August 2022, is organized by the CLIVAR community in close cooperation with GOOS and with the support of ICTP, WCRP and USCLIVAR. It will bring members across different CLIVAR panels, observing system scientists and leaders together with invited speakers from developing rim nations to discuss priorities and cross-cutting strategies as well as explore new partnerships for the expansion of the regional ocean observing systems.

The workshop is strongly connected to several UN Ocean Decade Outcomes, particularly, Outcome 4: A Predicted Ocean; Outcome 6: An Accessible Ocean; and Outcome 7: An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean. Meanwhile, it will address and contribute to many of the UN Ocean Decade Challenges. For example, by introducing the best practices to connect observation-modeling-prediction together, the workshop will contribute to enhance the understanding of the ocean-climate nexus and improve the predictability of the ocean and climate system (Decade Challenge 5). In addition, the workshop will bring together CLIVAR panels and scientists, as well as the stakeholders from a broader community across different regions. By identifying the similar challenges faced by different regional observing systems, the workshop is designed to cultivate new solutions and partnerships for an enhanced Ocean Observing System in a decade of accelerating change (Decade Challenge 7). The workshop will include as much as possible the participation of developing rim countries, and to hear their specific needs on the coastal and local ocean observation. Meanwhile, by focusing on the tools/opportunities that under-resourced countries can use by themselves, the workshop will build step-by-step actions that allow the development of local knowledge and quality measurements and products (Decade Challenge 9).

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The vision of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) is the "science we need for the ocean we want". The Ocean Decade is a convening framework for diverse stakeholders to co-design and co-deliver solution-oriented research needed for a well-functioning ocean in support of the 2030 Agenda. Capacity development, ocean literacy and the removal of barriers to full gender, generational, and geographic diversity are essential elements of the Decade.

As described in the Ocean Decade Implementation Plan, a Decade Activity is a one-off standalone initiative (such as an event, a publication, a workshop, or a training opportunity) that contributes to a Decade programme or project or to one of the Ocean Decade Challenges.