The CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel Teleconference in July

The CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (CDP) held a teleconference on 197h July 2020. The CDP co-chairs, Shoshiro Minobe and Noel Keenlyside chaired this meeting, members including Ramiro Ignacio Saurral, Simona Bordoni, Sarah Kang, Rhys Parfitt, Natalie Burls, and Liping Yin from the ICPO participated.

CDP will convene a session at the AGU fall meeting, A014-Advancing predictive understanding of climate variability and change associated with air-sea interactions and interbasin connections. We welcome people to participant in it.

This time Natalie Burls from the Department of Atmospheric Oceanic and Earth Sciences, George Mason University gave a presentation entitled ‘From the Top of the Atmosphere to the Ocean Sediments’. The main topics reported in this meeting are:

  • Tropical coupled ocean atmosphere interactions: equilibrium to inter-annual

- What determines the mean state of the tropical Pacific?

- How will the tropical Pacific respond to climate change?

- ENSO Energetics

  • The hydrological cycle: inter-annual to equilibrium

- The Cape Town “Day Zero’ Drought

- The future of Southern Hemisphere Subtropical Highs

- Wetter subtropics in a warmer world?

If you want to know more about this report, please contact Natalie.

Next time Dr. Bolan Gan from the Ocean University of China will give a talk. Her research interests are tropical-midlatitude teleconnection as well as mid-latitude air-sea interaction.