3rd Organising Committee Telecon for CLIVAR-GOOS workshop

The 3rd Organising Committee Telecon for CLIVAR-GOOS workshop was organised on 20 August 2021, with the participation of Weidong Yu (Chair), Lisa Beal (OOPC), Maria Paz Chidichimo (ARP), Sophie Cravatte (PRP), Ivonne Montes (PRP), Hindumathi Palanisamy (GSOP & WCRP Secretariat), and Jose Santos and Jing Li from ICPO. The major uptakes from the telecon include:

  • The date of the workshop was temporarily proposed for the week of 15 - 19 August 2022. The date will be communicated back to ICTP, and also needs to be coordinated with the ENSO summer school to be organised by CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel at ICTP. The workshop is aiming to be hybrid but the final decision should be made according to the sanitary situation by then;
  • More representatives from Seychelles and Ghana, CLIVAR Ocean Modeling Development Panel (OMDP) with coastal modeling background and the YESS community will be invited to join the organising committee;
  • The linkage with coastal countries should be further strengthened through the collaboration with other international (e.g. CoastPredict and UN Ocean Decade) and regional programmes (e.g. IOC-WESTPAC). The organising committee members are split to into regions to establish closer linkage with the regions;
  • The organising committee will revisit the original design and proposal of the workshop, and update with where we are now. The scientific programme of the workshop is expected to be developed soon;
  • The next telecon will be organised in a month.