2nd RFP telecon to discuss the WCRP Climate Research Forum in East Asia

The WCRP Regional Focal Point (RFP) Team for the sub-region of Eastern Asia organized its second telecon on January 19th, 2021, with the participation of representatives from the WCRP Joint Steering Committee (JSC), members of the RFP and staff from the ICPO.

The main purpose of this teleconference is to further discuss the preparation of the WCRP Climate Research Forum in East Asia on the basis of the last telecon and email discussions. Prior to the meeting, a strawman programme for the forum was circulated.

Major achievements of this meeting are:

  • Suggestions on the programme were received from participants to trim down the scientific and agency/policy talks and encourage more interactive discussions;
  • The time and duration of the forum were tentatively determined;
  • Logistic arrangements were discussed;
  • A short task list was developed for further actions.

The next teleconference will be organized in two weeks.