2022 Sea Level Conference Preparation Meeting on Jan. 27

A preparation teleconference for the 2022 WCRP Sea Level Conference was organized on 27th January 2022, with the participation of the WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenge (GC) co-chairs and members, local organizers and event service provider, as well as staff from WCRP Secretariat and ICPO. The main issues covered by the telecon were on the registration and abstract submission systems, conference website, and sponsorship, etc. The major uptakes from the meeting are:

  1. Abstract submission and registration system are now published on the conference website, and they should be broadly advertised via WCRP, CLIVAR and other platforms ASAP.
  2. A few suggestions received for the conference website:1) The ‘abstract submission’ should be highlighted in the frontpage of the conference website, by adding an icon along with the icons of ‘Details’ and ‘Register’; 2) FAQ section should be added to the conference website, containing the information of weather, currency, visa applications, and other basic information of Singapore; 3) Logos of organisers and main sponsors should be displayed on the top of the frontpage, and with the flexibility to add more logos of sponsors in the ‘Sponsors’ part; 4) The draft design of the banner for the website is completed. 5) The updates to the website are expected to be completed by COB Friday (28 Jan).
  3. A draft design of the flyer for ‘Call for abstracts’ has been completed and will be circulated to the organizing committee for comments before publishing online.
  4. The opening session on day 1 may have to include presentations on an overview of the southeast Asia region. Potential speakers could be Ben or Kathy from the WCRP Sea Level Grand Challenge, as well as someone from IOC-WESTPAC.
  5. A sponsorship prospectus has been drafted and will be circulated within the organizing committee for comments. The process of how to contact sponsors, who will sign the invitation, etc. were discussed.
  6. Three venues for site visit have been confirmed by the local organizer. The information will be updated on the conference website.
  7. A few participants may stay longer after the conference to attend the science advisory meeting for Singapore national sea level programme in Singapore.
  8. The next telecon will be organized on 8 February 2022 focusing on venue related issues.