2020 Open Call for New Members of CLIVAR Panels

The call for nominations to CLIVAR panels is now open, with appointment starting in January 2021. Nominations can be submitted online via the nomination form, deadline for the submissions is 23rd October, 2020. Detailed information about CLIVAR panels, including current activities and membership can be found on the CLIVAR Panels webpages.

When considering the member nominations, CLIVAR takes into account the scientific expertise that will support the fulfillment of panel's terms of reference. New members for CLIVAR panels will be approved by the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG).

Scientifically qualified nominations that support gender and geographical balance and promote opportunities for scientists and researchers from developing countries to participate in CLIVAR activities are encouraged. Young scientists with required scientific background can be also considered to join CLIVAR panels, which will provide them the opportunity to work with senior scientists in the panels to advance the CLIVAR sciences as well as their careers. The initial term of service for Panel members is three years, with possible extension of two years.

If you have any questions, please contact Jose Santos.