PICES WG-40 workshop: Towards an integrated approach to understanding ecosystem predictability in the North Pacific

Thursday, June 20, 2019 to Saturday, June 22, 2019
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A CLIVAR endorsed activity, the PICES WG-40 (Climate and Ecosystem Predictability) will organise a workshop titled 'Towards an integrated approach to understanding ecosystem predictability in the North Pacific', will be organised from 20 to 22 June 2019 in Qingdao China. 

PICES WG-40 aims to identify, diagnose, and quantify predictable response in North Pacific marine ecosystems that arise from regional and large-scale climate processes. The aim of this workshop is to deepen the understanding of the climate processes that generate predictability and to assess the range of forecasting methods applied. During the workshop, participants will review the current efforts and state of ocean and climate regional forecasting in target marine systems, assess the mechanisms responsible for predictability in the different areas and their degree of inter-relationship, and discuss the steps and action required to develop a common framework for forecasting activities.   A special on ecosystem predictions in the North Pacific will be composed by the end of the workshop.

Click here to download the workshop report.

Topics include:

  • Motivations for forecast development
  • Forecast type and model details
  • Forecast lead time
  • Key mechanisms of predictability
  • Skill assessment and sources of uncertainty
  • End users of ecosystem predictions

To download the Workshop Programme.

To download the workshop report.

Science Organizing Committee

Ryan Rykaczewski (USA), ryk@sc.edu
Antonietta Capotondi (USA), Antonietta.capotondi@noaa.gov
Masami Nonaka (Japan), nona@jamstec.go.jp
Fangli Qiao (China), qiaofl@fio.org.cn