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Event City Country Event Dates External Event URL
The 48th Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics Liège Belgium
Mon, 2016-05-23 to Fri, 2016-05-27
Connecting Paleo and Modern Oceanographic Data to Understand AMOC Over Decades to Centuries Boulder USA
Mon, 2016-05-23 to Wed, 2016-05-25
Newsgram April 2016 Announcements Mon, 2016-04-18
Workshop on high-resolution ocean modelling for coupled seamless predictions Exeter UK
Wed, 2016-04-13 to Fri, 2016-04-15
East Asian Climate under Global Warming: Understanding and Projection Beijing China
Thu, 2016-03-24 to Fri, 2016-03-25
GCOS Science Conference Amsterdam The Netherlands
Wed, 2016-03-02 to Fri, 2016-03-04
CMOS special session on Coupled modelling and the Year of Polar Prediction Thu, 2016-02-18
2nd Meeting of WCRP GC Sea Level Science Steering Team New York USA
Mon, 2016-02-08 to Tue, 2016-02-09
CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting Copenhagen Denmark
Tue, 2016-02-02 to Thu, 2016-02-04
2nd Session of OMDP - 'Extended' Meeting on Forcing Ocean-Ice Climate Models Yokohama Japan
Thu, 2016-01-14 to Fri, 2016-01-15
CLIVAR/JAMSTEC Workshop on the Kuroshio Current and Extension System: Theory, Observations, and Ocean Climate Modelling Yokohama Japan
Tue, 2016-01-12 to Wed, 2016-01-13
Fall AGU San Francisco USA
Mon, 2015-12-14 to Fri, 2015-12-18
12th Session of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel Goa India
Mon, 2015-12-07 to Wed, 2015-12-09
Third IQuOD Workshop Hamburg Germany
Thu, 2015-12-03 to Fri, 2015-12-04
1st Meeting of the DCVP Research Focus Trieste Italy
Fri, 2015-11-20 to Sat, 2015-11-21
CLIVAR-ICTP International Workshop on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenge and Opportunity Trieste Italy
Mon, 2015-11-16 to Fri, 2015-11-20
2nd Open Science Symposium on Western Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Busan Korea
Mon, 2015-10-26 to Wed, 2015-10-28
Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 2015 Frascati Italy
Tue, 2015-10-20 to Fri, 2015-10-23
10th Session of the CLIVAR Pacific Panel Santiago Chile
Sat, 2015-10-10 to Sun, 2015-10-11
APCC to Provide a Climate Change Scenario with High Resolution of 25Km for Southeast Asian Region Tue, 2015-10-06