Workshop on WCRP Grand Challenge and Climate Services

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 to Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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By invitation
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Jing Li
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Workshop on WRCP Grand Challenge and Climate Services

Orléans, France, 12th -13rd November 2019

The WCRP Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts has inspired efforts to link sea-level science (e.g. (Le Cozannet et al., 2017) and climate services, for example the INSeaPTION project. This recognises that coastal zones are strongly in need of coastal climate services (CCS) to support adaptation planning, as they are increasingly threatened by sea level rise and its impacts, such as submergence, flooding, shoreline erosion, salinization and wetland change.  To this end, we have reviewed the development of CCS, and identified the research and development efforts needed to overcome barriers to progress and facilitate progress. These include: (1) research in the field of sea level, coastal and adaptation science and (2) cross-cutting research in the area of user interactions, decision making, propagation of uncertainties and overall service architecture design. As a number of projects are currently developing CCSs in a number of countries and regions (e.g. USA, Australia, Europe - Copernicus, ERA4CS…), there is a need to assess how this research meets the challenges identified above and how it is being transferred to operations.

This workshop will be designed to link these efforts across the Grand Challenge and more widely with our Stakeholder and to develop a manifesto to take this issue forward. This manifesto will re-assess how to stimulate the uptake of CCSs, how they support present days and future coastal resilience, and make recommendations as to the best way forward. The manifesto would be published as a journal paper.

To achieve this aim, the workshop will address the following topics:

  • Assessments of the current status of coastal climate services
  • Identification and mapping of users
  • Identification and analysis of needs for different types of users (e.g., insurance, critical infrastructures or settlements, observation needs…)
  • Review of existing practices and how they can be improved
  • Potential Framework for coastal climate services

The target audience are members of the WCRP Sea Level and Coastal Impacts Grand Challenge (in particular WP5), as well as a number of invited participants with experience in projects on coastal climate services involving stakeholders such as coastal planners and engineers and e.g. the Global Framework for Climate Services at WMO. To maximize efficiency, the target number of participant ranges from 15 to 20.

We believe that the workshop addresses an important and timely issue because the economic model of climate services, including at the coast, is being defined now. It is relevant to the WCRP Grand Challenge, because this group coordinates research efforts to provide scientifically sound sea level information to coastal adaptation practitioners. Finally, we believe that publicizing the results of the workshop as a manifesto in a high impact scientific journal is effective to inform future research supporting the development of CCS.


Organising Commitee

  1. Robert Nicholls (Univ. Southampton),
  2. Gonéri Le Cozannet (BRGM),
  3. Detlef Stammer (Univ. Hamburg),
  4. Roderik Van De Wal (Univ. Utrecht),
  5. Michael Sparrow (WMO),
  6. Kate Hill (WMO),
  7. Julie Billy (BRGM),
  8. Jing Li (Clivar)