RF Upwelling All Events

Event City Country Event Dates External Event URL
CLIVAR-FIO Joint Summer School in 2018 Qingdao China
2018-06-25 to 2018-07-07
CLIVAR Open Science Conference Qingdao China
2016-09-18 to 2016-09-25
1st Session of the EBUS Research Foci Qingdao China
2016-09-17 to 2016-09-18
Upwelling Research Focus Planning Workshop Ankara Turkey
2015-10-02 to 2015-10-03
ICTP - CLIVAR School on Ocean Climate Modelling: Physical and Biogeochemical Dynamics of Semi- Enclosed Seas Ankara Turkey
2015-09-24 to 2015-10-01
PREFACE-PIRATA-CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Conference Cape Town South Africa
2015-08-25 to 2015-08-27